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This blog/website is anything and everything about Coffee and Tea. Let’s talk about this favorite subject of ours. Let’s all share our views and opinions on this topic that we love, Coffee and Tea. Tell us where are the best Coffee and Tea in town. Let’s share our brewing techniques. Maybe you can share some Coffee and Tea fun-facts or where can we get the best coffee beans or tea leaves. Let’s make this site the Coffee lovers and Tea drinking Club site.

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Coffee has been our great partner at work to start our day, it serves as our energizer when we have tight deadlines to make our brains works 2x than it normally does. The same goes with tea, it detoxify our body from stressful works and gives our body a leisure time. Both of them are important to us, we assure you using this blog, we’re going to do our best to deliver all information you need about them. We love to hear ideas from you so don’t forget to leave a comment and state your opinion!