I love the aroma of coffee, especially when I woke up by the scent, It immediately brings a smile to my face and utters, “Oh, It’s morning.” I’ve visited various of coffee shop before, my uncle once owned a small coffee shop along the Metro, he took me there when I was 11 years old. I couldn’t believe when I saw different types of coffee beans, back then, I mistook a pile of coffee beans into a mountain of mini chocolate.

One of my goals is to open a coffee shop. But in order to achieve that, I have to learn first on how to brew a coffee. That’s my first step. Here’s the what you’ll be needing.


Of course without Beans, you can’t make coffee. Some people prefer buying a whole bean and grind it themselves. But the most natural way to brew coffee in your home is to buy coffee grounds, more efficient to buy. Because if you buy the whole coffee beans, you might have trouble with grinding it close as the coffee grounds. In case you don’t know, the size of the grind has a huge importance to the taste of your coffee. If your coffee tastes too bitter, it might be because of your grinding process.


For those who love to try grinding the whole coffee bean at home, it’s more efficient to use a burr hand grinder for first-timers. This is to have a more refined and evenly ground coffee. As I’ve mentioned above, the size of your grind may affect the taste of your coffee, so be careful in doing this step. If you accidentally bought a coffee bean and too busy and afraid to use burr hand grinder, you may have it ground at the store, and let the professionals handle it.

We have many things to take note like the temperature, scale, coffee-to-water ratio, coffee particle size and brewing time. Are you excited to make your own coffee? It may be not that good at first, but who cares? There will be a second time, third time and more chances after that.