Aside from drinking coffee to ease your stress, did you know that there’s still so much you can do using only a coffee bean? This article will help you to enlist the useful things a coffee bean can do around the house or in the backyard.

1. Blast pest and insects away

Having trouble with pest and insects wandering outside your house? Maybe you can try pairing coffee with some orange peels, this is to overload the olfactory receptors in felines and some rodents. The strong scent and acidity of coffee make a great deterrent in the garden, the slugs and snails won’t stand the acidity.

2. Attract healthy worms

Wants to achieve a healthy soil in your garden to grow some plants and flowers? I have some good news for you! Coffee has an ability to attract helpful worms to enrich the soil underground.

3. Compost

If you have a vegetable plant growing in the garden like carrots and radishes, throwing coffee grounds in the seed can help germination and promote healthier growth.

4. Coffee scented candles

Many of us believed that with the scent of coffee it can help you to feel relaxed and enhance your focus. Purchase some long wicks from a craft store, melt seven or eight tea light candles, slowly pour the wax into a small jelly jar, and then add the coffee grounds. Light one and your place will turn into a coffee scented heaven.

5. Paintings

Be your own kind of artist using coffee as a medium. With the use of coffee beans plus your creative mind, the uniqueness of it will surely be on top.

6. Age or stain wood or clothes

We can use it to achieve an aged look for woods or clothes. Apply several coats to wood to enhanced stain, or to make the color darker you can add vinegar to mix with coffee grounds.

7. Cooking with coffee

If you love experimenting in the kitchen, try to add coffee as your ingredient. Some even love to pair coffee with brown sugar, pepper, onion, and coriander to dry rub our usual favorite food like chicken, steak, and ribs.

8. Refrigerator deodorant

Coffee grounds absorb bad smell. So if you have dishes in the refrigerator that smells bad, just place an unused coffee grounds and wait till it absorbs the smell.

9. Scour pots and pans and air freshener

To remove the stains from your pots and pans you’ll be needing a pair of washcloth and coffee grounds. To have an instant coffee air freshener at home, simply put a cup full of coffee beans on a side table.

10. Hide scratches on furniture

Coffee has a color of a wood, to hide scratches on the furniture you might be needing coffee grounds and hot water and brush it on the scratches.