We all have that kind of friend like- “Gosh, I need coffee to live.”- It seems like every human living in this world need coffee to start their day. Without coffee, and the effect of caffeine on our body, we’ll look like a zombie- not wanting to move anymore and just want to rest all day. Why do you think every dead tired looking people need to drink coffee to save them from falling asleep? The answer has been researched by Frank Ritter Ph.D.- he’s the one who created Caffeine Zone-, according to him, caffeine boost energy because our sympathetic nervous system stimulates the release of norepinephrine- this helps to function the brain and body as a hormone and neurotransmitter.- This is a stress hormone that is responsible for increasing the heart rate when we drink coffee. They also said that this chemical has an ability to send signals to the brain so we can store more important information for school or work related stuff. This is also the reason why we tend to not forget things easily and makes our brain works even if our body needs to rest.

Athletes, especially those who love to join in a marathon, they consume an average amount of coffee before they start running. A study says it because coffee reduces muscle pain and helps to improve endurance. To reach the finish line, they need a strong muscle that will prevent them from falling unexpectedly. Gym instructor also advised drinking at least two cups of coffee before exercising, especially for those who want to exercise daily but afraid of getting muscle pain after. Coffee can lessen the pain after you exercise, so you don’t have to worry about aches, by just drinking coffee you can now surely achieved a healthy body.

Sometimes we couldn’t help but fall asleep even if we still need to finish a mountain of works, coffee has been our partner when we have tight deadlines at work. However, doctors don’t allow a person to drink too much. Coffee refuels our energy but sometimes drinking too much coffee can lead to a heart attack.