If you are a regular tea drinker, you may already have a regular way or style of making your own tea blend that matches your taste. If your preference happens to be fresh, home-made tea in maybe green colour, here are some tips in making a quick one.   A really quick one.

I’m sure many of us already know the traditional way of preparing tea like the choice of leaves, steeping, straining and the waiting, especially if your tea of preference is a cold one.  All these classic procedures are well and good but if you’re craving for a drink is right here, right now, (perhaps some unexpected guests arrived) here is a quick guide to help you make one in less than five minutes.

The traditional or classic way of preparing tea will have a very different flavour profile from the usual cup of tea. The longer you steep it, the more it will have those bitter notes. It will take quite a while to squeeze out those healthy compounds and flavour. And if you keep it in the fridge too long, it will lose not only its freshness but also some of its antioxidants as well.  Therefore, to enjoy its freshness and benefit from its antioxidants, make a quick one.

To make some quick refreshing iced tea drink, you will need just some basic kitchen stuff like a shaker, a strainer, a teapot (ideally 150 – 200 ml) and your ingredients like your choice of green tea, sweeteners (stevia, honey, maple, or different fruit syrups), hot water  and of course, lots of ice.

Steep the green tea leaves for about 1 – 3 minutes, keeping the water temperature between 75-85 degrees. For extra flavour, add some dried fruits, herbs, spices or flowers you want to the pot.

While waiting, pour your preferred sweetener into the shaker and fill it up with ice. The amount of sweeteners and flavorings depends on your taste so it is best to try different mix to get the best combination.

After your three minutes is up, pour the tea into the shaker using the strainer. Close and shake well for about a minute.

And there you have it, your own quick, fresh, home-made iced green tea. Enjoy!